Our Story

Our Story

The Brewery

The Shearasun Brewing Company is an Australian owned and family operated Nano-Brewery, which is located 95km North of the Melbourne CBD up the Hume Freeway, in between the towns of Broadford and Strath Creek.

Our handcrafted beer is produced on a 150ltr, 3 vessel Blichmann system. This system allows us to create and perfect small batches of handcrafted beer and most importantly, retain our quality which is what Shearasun Brewing Company prides itself on.

Everything at the brewery is hands on, from the labeling of the bottles, to the very last step when we either put the dust caps onto the 50 litre kegs or tape the cartons of beer shut ready for their final destination, YOUR Pub, Club, Restaurant, Cafe, Fridge or Esky.

The brewery is in an huge expansion stage at the moment and we are always looking to add new technology to the system to streamline our processes, and the promise we have made not only to each other but to our loyal customer base, is that we will never compromise on our quality, either in the brewing process or in the ingredients that we are continually sourcing from all over the world, to bring you the freshest tasting and fullest flavoured beers that can possibly be produced by us.

Shearasun Brewing Company supports Australian made & grown.

We purchase products from Australian producers & manufacturers wherever possible.

The Shearasun Team

Corey Bray Co Founder

Corey is a second generation hospitality worker, having grown up in the industry from the age of 5yrs old. Corey's parents worked side by side for 45yrs in England, then Australia after they emigrated here in 1973.

Corey has worked in pubs & clubs all over the country, starting his career in South Australia . He became a bar manager at 18yrs of age, when he was relieving manager at the Salisbury RSL club. He travelled extensively to NSW, QLD and Darwin before running a family owned hotel in Victoria, then becoming part owner of another hotel. Corey has been ahead of the curve in many areas of hospitality, starting nightclubs, running training schools and picking the next trends to flow through the industry.

Corey's love of craft beer began when he was first introduced to Coopers Pale Ale in 1989 when it was first brewed by the Coopers family in South Australia; he was 19 and fell in love with the distinct hoppy flavour & aroma.

Corey started home brewing not long after, trying to produce beer for himself and his friends using his own recipes and ingredients. His constant search for new imported craft style beers led him to brews such as Tennants Lager, Newcastle Brown, Guinness and Old Speckled Hen to name but a few.

Corey and Glenn first met up at the Brays family hotel in Broadford, Victoria in 2001, and soon realised they had a lot in common, not only as young business minds, but in their love of beer and hospitality. They spoke almost immediately of owning a restaurant/brewery one day. Then almost 15 years later, through Shannon Brooks, from the Merri Mashers home brew club, who would become a central figure in their future direction, invited them to Good Beer Week and a home brew demonstration that the Merri Mashers were running at the iconic CATFISH BAR in Fitzroy. The rest as they say is history, the boys were introduced to full grain brewing and have not looked back since. They formed "Shearasun Brewing Co" 12 months later, brewing 7 beers and a cider. Corey's goal along with Glenn & Rodney (head brewer) is to educate people on the distinct flavours and styles of craft brewing. They are also looking at running brewing classes and opening that long ago talked about brewery and restaurant, which is now no longer just a pipe dream, but a reality.

Glenn Shearer Co Founder

Glenn Shearer started work with The Keg Restaurant chain at the age of 16 as a bus boy and dishwasher while finishing High school. During this time he realised his love for the hospitality industry, he quickly worked his way up from bus boy/dishwasher to Prep Chef and lead Chef.

Senior management soon realised Glenn's dedication to the hospitality industry and placed him in their management training program. He quickly became Food and beverage manager at the Doncaster Keg.

Glenn became involved in menu design and beverage product selection and promotion. This involved product implementation and staff training at each restaurant.

Through this process Glenn developed a taste for Newcastle Brown Ale, Maes Pilsner, Bass Pale Ale and Double Diamond Burton Ale.

Glenn started brewing his favourite European & English beers, and experimented with brewing, treating it like a food recipe and began, focusing on full malt and grain flavours.

With the Keg restaurant chain expanding in Victoria, he became involved in the construction and design of three new restaurants in Albert Park, Kew and Essendon. This involved the design layout, fit out and staff training.

During this time Glenn was studying building construction at university and after his time with The Keg Restaurants, he worked in the building construction industry, forming his own company.

Glenn met Corey in 2001, and began working part time at the Broadford Hotel where they both knew that they would create something different within the industry.

Glenn kept brewing and refining his recipes with his father in-law Ken who had been brewing for over 40 yrs. He met Rodney Kupier who Glenn employed as a painter on one of his building projects.

Rod had been full grain brewing for 17yrs and it wasn’t long before Rod and Glenn started talking brewing. After Rod gave him a couple of his samples, Rod quickly became a part of our team.

In 2015 Glenn and Corey purchased GABS tickets and after attending that event, they both realised that the craft beer industry was their calling.

The result being Shearasun Brewing Company.

Rod Kuiper Head Brewer

Rodney started brewing in 1999 and quickly turned his attention to all grain brewing, and today enjoys the respect and admiration within the wider brewing community.

During his 17 years as an all grain brewer Rodney has proven himself to be very diligent and capable, leading him to winning multiple State and National awards for his creations, notably best Pilsner at Vic Brew in 2014. As well as several other wins and places for his Stouts and English Pale Ales.

The quality of Rodney’s beers and his meticulous skill, coupled with his attention to detail made him the obvious choice for head brewer at Shearasun Brewing Company. Rodney is responsible for the design and development of all beers produced for Shearasun.

Shearasun Brewery is delighted to have Rodney at the helm and look forward to sharing his creations and ideas with the craft beer community.