Our Story


Building the foundation of the Shearasun Brewing Company.

What started out as quality man time! Time spent laughing, enjoying a beer, a story, reminiscing on the past and that fun banter between family and friends. Soon sparked a vision, an idea, a hopeful legacy and a plan.

A plan to build a future for our 4 children and make a dream become reality.

The vision was set in motion. Recipes were created and recreated. Relentless taste testing, time and time again!  Quality time shared with friends and family making lifelong memories. What a journey we had started! As a family as “team Shearer”

Part of Glenn’s past was spent mastering the skill of martial arts, his determination, heart, passion, and strength opened many doors for him along the way. Achieving his 5th Dan in Zen Shi Ryu, Glenn had found balance in his life. He had learnt life skills that would set him up for a successful future. And give him inner strength to excel. “Conceive, believe, achieve”. 

Karate gave him such a strong foundation and imprinted on his life. “Way of the strong mind, to achieve you must master yourself” “Karate is the foundation to our company “Shearasun brewing company” It is the influence in our name and our logo, and is the balance in the flavours we create, a smooth balance of the key elements, you need for that perfect beer.


To us the Samari signifies strength, a strong mind, protection, power, and balance. It represents our beer perfectly. “The four elements” Water, Grain, Hops, and yeast.

Shearasun Brewing Company supports Australian made & grown.

We purchase products from Australian producers & manufacturers wherever possible.

Join the Shearasun team! Let’s live free, laugh loud, embrace life and bring on the good times with great craft beer!

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